Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Research


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Current Projects 

Discrepancy in Regional Center Location by Zip Code vs. Health District as a Barrier to Services and Cause for Disparities for Individuals with Developmental Delay and Disabilities (PI: Christine Mirzaian)

Coffee Chat Network: Implementation of a novel technology-driven platform to connect (PI: Olivia Hsin)

Filipino Family Health Initiative: The Incredible Years for Parents of School Age Children (PI: Joyce Javier; Co-Investigator: Dean Coffey)

Standardization and Efficient Operationalization of Primary Care Based Developmental Screening for Latino Children in Community Federally Qualified Health Clinics (FQHC) (PI: Mona Patel Gera; Co-Investigators: Larry Yin, Alexis Deavenport-Saman)

Understanding Bilingual Latino Families’ Experiences of Autism Diagnosis and Services in Los Angeles (PI Amber Angell; Co-Investigators: Olga Solomon, Larry Yin)

A Pilot Study of the Incredible Years Parents and Babies Program in Primary Care (Joyce Javier, MD, MPH)

Creating a shared definition of Mental Health in the Filipino Community (PI: Joyce Javier, MD, MPH)

Evaluating Knowledge of Child Development Among Members of a Black Church Community (Olga Solomon, PhD, PI; Larry Yin, MD, MSPH, Alexis Deavenport-Saman, DrPH, Douglas Vanderbilt, MD, MS, Co-Investigators)

Academic achievement as a function of family engagement in children exposed to maltreatment (Alexis Deavenport-Saman, DrPH, PI; Doug Vanderbilt, MD, MS, Co-Investigator)

Evaluation of Parent Navigators in a General Pediatrics Clinic to Reduce Purchase of Service Disparities (PI: Christine Mirzaian, MD, MPH)

Disability and Poverty: A qualitative research on the perceptions of disability in rural areas of Cebu, Philippines. (PI: Aviril Sepulveda; Joyce Javier, Faculty Advisor)

Developing a Social Networking Intervention to Promote Retention of Immigrants in an Evidence-based Parenting Intervention (PI: Joyce Javier, MD, MPH)

A practical guide to normalizing race and ethnicity data from the EHR for secondary use research: The RECODE Framework (PI: Juan Espinoza, MD)

Development of a social determinants of health risk stratification algorithm for pediatric asthma (PI: Juan Espinoza, MD)

Crossing Cultural Boundaries: An Ethnographic Study (PI: Olga Solomon, MD)

Using Multi-Sector Strategies to Address Food Insecurity in Low-Income Settings (PI: Alexis Deavenport-Saman, DrPH)

Filipino Family Health Initiative: Engaging Immigrants in Preventive Parenting Interventions (PI: Joyce Javier, MD, MPH)

Increasing awareness of Regional Center services for Autism Spectrum Disorders in the African American community: a faith-based, community-partnered approach (PI: Olga Solomon, PhD)

Autism in urban context: Linking heterogeneity with health and service disparities CHLA(PI: Olga Solomon, PhD)

Evaluating Knowledge of Child Development Among Members of a Black Church Community

Academic achievement as a function of family engagement in children exposed to maltreatment



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