Quality Assurance

Children's Hospital Interdisciplinary Supervision and Training in Español (CHISTE)

This is a supervision and training component that targets key issues for the effective provision of comprehensive mental health services to Spanish-speaking Latino/Hispanics clients. The program offers multi-disciplinary trainees bi-weekly meetings conducted mostly in Spanish involving: a) Presentations on bilingual development, language acquisition as well as cultural and linguistic competence; b) Informal discussion regarding relevant topics affecting the Latino/Hispanic population such as: immigration, acculturation, cultural traditions, culturally relevant parenting strategies, and social stigma related to mental health services within the Latino/Hispanic community;  and c) Case presentations to assist with learning strategies to best assist Latino/Hispanic families and increase Spanish language skills. CHISTE has been instrumental in providing bilingual/bicultural support to trainees and, as a result, there is now a collaboration with other agencies and children’s hospitals state and nationwide to participate with CHLA’s CHISTE program.


Self-Advocates and Family Trainings 


Here are some of our featured community trainings:

  • Me and My Doctor Self-Advocacy Workshop
  • Emergency Preparedness Workshop
  • Mental Health Self-Advocate Training 
  • CBTPP Transition Summit Family Day


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