Professional Training Research



Current Projects

Assessing Major Themes in Community Pediatrics Curriculum (PI: Kevin Fang)

Identifying Barriers to Effective Pediatric Housestaff-Nursing Communication (PI: Connie Lu; Faculty Advisor: Michelle Thompson)

Educational Research on Mental Health Strategies for Pediatricians in Primary Care (PI: Sheela Rao; Co-Investigator: Christine Mirzaian)

Creating a Predictive Model for Passing the American Board of Pediatrics Certification Exam - A Single Center Analysis (PI: Ronen Zipkin; Co-Investigators: Kevin Fang, Michelle Thompson)

Pediatric Residents' Skills, Attitudes, Comfort, and Training Needs Regarding Managing Mental and Behavioral Health Concerns in the Primary Care Clinic (PI: Christine Mirzaian; Co-Investigators: Alexis Deavenport-Saman, Olga Solomon)

Increasing awareness of doctor-patient interaction among CHLA pediatric trainees (PI: Marwa Moustafa; Co-Investigators: Olga Solomon, Larry Yin)

Survey to Evaluate Clinicians' Awareness of the Updated NIH/NHLBI and GINA Asthma Management Guidelines(PI: Aida Siyihian; Co-Investigator: Eyal Ben-Isaac)

Improving the Institutional Culture of Feedback by Implementing a Faculty Educator Peer Coaching Program (PI: Rina Jubran; Co-Investigator: Michelle Thompson)

A Novel Approach to Resident Scheduling in the Era of Duty Hour Guidelines (PI: Eyal Ben-Issac)

Psychology Graduate Training in Early Childhood: Professional Outcomes of Pre and Postdoctoral Early Childhood Training at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (Marian Williams)

Longitudinal Evaluation of the Required Level of Supervision for Pediatric Fellows (PI: Douglas Vanderbilt)


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