Autism Research



Current Projects

Effectiveness of Multi-Level Implementation Strategy for ASD Interventions (PI: Brad Hudson)
Parental reports of strengths and concerns during an autism assessment.(PI: Douglas Vanderbilt; Co-Investigators: Alexis Deavenport-Sman, Kathryn Smith)


Autism Care Network (ACN) Registry: Call-Back Assessment. (Kathryn Smith/Larry Yin, Co-Investigators)


Characterizing the Health and Healthcare Utilization of Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Florida. (PI: Larry Yin)


Using Machine Learning with Real-World Data to Identify Autism Risk in Children (PI: Amber Angell) 


Genetics of Autism and other NDDs (Co-Investigator Douglas Vanderbilt)


Technical Assistance and Peer Education Infrastructure to Increase Impact of Parent-Run CBOs Providing Social-Recreational Services (PI: Olga Solomon)



Autism Speaks Autism Care Network (AS ACN) Registry (PI: Kathryn Smith)



Differential Diagnosis of ASD for Young Children with Complex Symptom Presentations (PI: Marian Williams)



The Role of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule in the Diagnosis of Autism by a Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician: A DBPNet Study (PI: Douglas Vanderbilt)


Combining Remote Autism Assessment and Screening Technologies for Earlier Diagnostic Assessments: (PI: Larry Yin)







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